Victoria de los Angeles, Duparc: L’Invitation au voyage (Live, Edinburgh Festival, 1957)

The great Catalan soprano Victoria de los Angeles (1923-2005) in the melodie “L’Invitation au voyage” by Henri Duparc, coming from a recital on 25 August 1957 during the Edinburgh Festival. She was accompanied by Gerald Moore on the piano.

English translation by Peter Low of the sung text is appended as follows:

My child, my sister,
think of the sweetness
of going there to live together!
To love at leisure,
to love and to die
in a country that is the image of you!
The misty suns
of those changeable skies
have for me the same
mysterious charm
as your fickle eyes
shining through their tears.
There, all is harmony and beauty,
luxury, calm and delight.

Gleaming furniture
polished by age
would decorate our bedroom;
the rarest of flowers
would mingle their fragrance
with the vague scent of amber;
the rich ceilings,
the deep mirrors,
the splendor of the Orient –
everything there
would speak in secret
the soul’s soft native tongue.
There, all is harmony and beauty,
luxury, calm and delight.

See how those ships,
nomads by nature,
are slumbering in the canals.
To gratify
your every desire
they have come from the ends of the earth.
The westering suns
clothe the fields,
the canals, and the town
with reddish-orange and gold.
The world falls asleep
bathed in warmth and light.
There, all is harmony and beauty,
luxury, calm and delight.

Road Trip USA Part 12 : Arrivée à Los Angeles et visite de Santa Monica

A French GIRL in USA…
Voyage USA – Jour 14 : Départ de Fresno en Californie vers Los Angeles, pause outlets sur la route, arrivée à l’hôtel à LA et visite de la “third street promenade” Santa Monica à la tombée de la nuit… comme si vous y étiez !

Day 14 : We leave Fresno (California), stop in outlets on the road, discover our hotel before visiting Santa Monica, as if you were there…


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LOS ANGELES | vlog journée au Grove + 🍔 vegan + Kylie Cosmetics👄?!

C’était une journée bien relaxante 😉 J’espère que parmi mes futilités vous profiterez également de quelques bon conseils. Love xoxo

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